BodyCraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym

Staying in shape is not an exclusive privilege of professionals, businessmen, or those who have the time and resources to workout in expensive gyms and health clubs.

Even ordinary people who stay most of their time in their homes like students and housewives can stay in shape and they can do this with the help of good home gym equipments like the Body

Craft Elite Single Stack Home Gym.

This fitness equipment is an excellent way to burn calories, build your muscles and keep your body fit without spending a fortune.

Product Description

The BodyCraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym is a high quality fitness equipment designed for residential use that is versatile and functional enough to give you hundreds of strength training routines for weight loss, general strength training, body toning, sports-specific activities and general fitness.

It features functional training arms and an exclusive seat design with lumbar support that reduces stress on your spine for a safe and risk free exercise routine anytime of the day.

BodyCraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym Features

The BodyCraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym features a robust frame with heavy gauge 3.25 x 1.75 inch oval steel tubing, fiberglass reinforced nylon pulleys, sealed ball bearings and nylon-coated aircraft cables.

Coupled with a tough and long lasting electromagnetically-applied platinum gray finish and chrome-plated guide rods, the machine exudes a combination of beauty and durability in a fitness machine that would look good in any home.

The weight stack features precision-milled cast iron plates in 10 pound increments giving you a 200-pound stack that you can use for a machine-style or barbell-style bench press which you can double to 400 pounds using the unique doubling cable system.

The adjustable arms and cable system gives you a wide array of exercises that includes core training, dumbbell-like training, functional trainings, ab crunch, leg extension, leg curls, and sports-specific trainings.


What users like mostly with the BodyCraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym is its space-saving design that allows you to place the equipment easily against any wall inside your home.

Aside from that, users enjoy the wide variety of exercises that literally number on the hundreds which they can get from a single machine.

The pulley and cable system allows you to work on specific muscle groups that include your abs, arms, chest and legs for a full-body workout that you can enjoy – without the high membership costs and other expenses that you can incur from gyms and professional health clubs.


There is basically zero or minimal negative reviews with the BodyCraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym.

The machine is a great fitness equipment and most users are fully satisfied with what they purchased.


The BodyCraft Elite Single Stack Home Gym is one of the most popular single stack strength training equipment that is specifically designed for use in a residential setup.

Users can get in shape or build up strong muscles right in the comforts of their own homes. It is a great way to get in shape without the need of going outdoors.