BodyCraft GL Single Stack Home Gym


In this society beset with economic problems and unemployment issues, people are looking for practical ways to get fit while saving time and not spending significant amounts of money.

Gym memberships can set you back hundreds or thousands of dollars per year which can add up to a fortune the longer you stay in a particular establishment.

On top of that, going to the gym or a health club means you have to endure traffic and waste valuable time as well as spend precious dollars on gasoline.

Luckily for you, innovative home gym equipments like the BodyCraft GL Single Stack Home Gym were made available to offer you a wide variety of exercises and workout routines previously available only through separate professional and specialized machines.

With these residential fitness machines, you can enjoy a full body workout that saves you time, money, and a minimum amount of space right in your very homes.

Product Description

The BodyCraft GL Single Stack Home Gym is a compact but expandable home fitness gym system that can users a minimum of 50 exercises that are expandable to more than a hundred more variations.

Users can switch from one exercise to another in mere seconds using new press arms, adjustable straps, and removable guide rods that are convenient and quick to install, saving users more time to concentrate on their workout.

The BodyCraft GL has a lower overall gym height compared to the equally popular BodyCraft GX frame and is available with additional options that include a GL Cable Arm Kit, a 50-pound weight stack upgrade, leg press options, and weight stack shrouds.

BodyCraft GL Single Stack Home Gym Features

The BodyCraft GL Single Stack Home Gym features an ultra-compact, space-saving corner design that consumes only 71 x 64 x 83.5 inches user space.

Even if installed with the optional leg press, the BodyCraft GL will only consume 75 x 73 x 82.5 inches of user space.

The machine also feature spring-loaded pop pins and a no cable-change design to give you quick and easy adjustments for a wide range of motions.

The equipment is also built with durable heavy-gauge framing materials, fiberglass-impregnated nylon pulleys, sealed ball bearings, and nylon-coated flexible aircraft cables capable of withstanding up to 2000 pounds of tensile force.

The BodyCraft GL comes with a 150-pound weight stack in 10-pound increments that is upgradable to 200 pounds.

The weights are made from precision-milled cast iron plates enclosed in aesthetic steel stack guards and equipped with nylon bushings for a smooth and cumbersome-free weight training action.

The equipment also comes with a comfortable seat made from high-density foam and enclosed in double-stitched vinyl covering.

Aside from that, the machine also includes other accessories that include padded ankle cuffs, a revolving lateral bar, shorts bar with revolving handles, nylon handles, nylon handles for the press arms with long straps, padded ab straps, padded tricep straps and a chain.


The GL Home Gym is a very popular fitness machine from BodyCraft that gives users different forms of exercises for weight training, abdominal training, various kinds of presses, and leg exercises.

This kind of full body workout is one of the things most users like about this equipment as they can get a wide variety of exercise from a single equipment.

Aside from that, users also like the compact and space-saving design that allows users to easily place the equipment against any wall in their rooms or any place inside their homes.

BodyCraft gives a lifetime guarantee with every purchase and will replace or repair any defect as long as the equipment remains with the original owner.


The machine is rated very high in various fitness review websites have zero or very minimal negative comments and ratings from users.


No matter how appealing a home gym equipment is, not everyone has the money or the space available to buy the top-of-the-line residential gym available in the market.

The BodyCraft GL Single Stack Home Gym solves this problem by giving users a cost-effective solution for their home fitness needs.

Overall, the machine is an excellent piece of equipment with superb features and high-quality materials, making it an ideal addition to any home that people can enjoy for years to come.