Get Rid Of Love handles

Love handles, those deposits of fat on the hips, are one of the most difficult of all to get rid of. One of the reasons for this is that the development of love handles is probably one of the first signs of weight gain and weight loss usually works on a first in last out basis.

There are a number of actions that you may take in order to get rid of love handles. However you need to always remember that weight loss can not really be targetted to one specific area of your body. Fat deposits accumulated on your body are basically a form of energy stored for later use and when you start to lose weight, it is as a result of your body starting to burn off these stored energy reserves. Only you can not tell your body which of the stored energy reserves to burn off first.

Ideally you need to bring your body into a condition where there is very little stored fat. The usual way of doing this is to go on a crash diet so that you consume minimal calories, and a light exercise program to increase your calorie usage, thereby forcing your body to utilise the fat deposits as the extra energy needed to cope in the calorie deficient situation that you have forced it in to.

This is the usual way but not necessary the best way.

Danger of Diets.

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One of the huge dangers of embarking on the crash diet system is something that they will never really tell you about. Your body converts calories and fat into energy and this is called your metabolism. The rate at which your body converts calories to energy is your metabolic rate.  Your body adjusts the metabolic rate according to quantity, quality and frequency of calories consumed.

A crash diet causes your body to slow your metabolic rate in an effort to cope with the reduction of calories. When you have reached your weight loss goal and return to normal eating, your metabolism is still operating at a slow pace and so whatever you eat gets stored mainly as fat.

You gain weight again far faster than you ever did before.

The Ideal Weight Loss Solution.

In order to effectively lose weight and not fear about what will happen when you return to normal eating patterns, you need to aim at increasing your metabolism so that your body starts to burn off fat at a faster rate, no matter what you are doing.

To increase your metabolism you need to ensure that you are eating regular meals that are high in quality. Phen375 provides a specialised eating plan that has been formulated to do just that. You will eat six meals a day and these meals are predesigned to get your metabolism back into a higher gear.

The Phen375 fat burning diet pills will boost your metabolism and provide the extra little things that are needed to bring your metabolism back into full speed. The increase in your metabolism will cause your body to convert more calories and fat to energy so one of the side effects that you may notice even from the very first day, is that you will have an abundance of energy.

Effects of an Increased Metabolism.
– Lose 2 to 5 pounds per week.
– Loads of extra energy.
– Feel Great about yourself.
– Increased mental alertness.

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